7 Summits Spring/Summer 19 MTB Lookbook

Pete Harrington
Matt Clark

There’s something very odd about the Seven Summits trail, an on-paper easy endeavour in Rossland, British Columbia. All who go, suffer; all who leave, return. Up is up. Down is up. Named ‘Trail of the Year’ by Bike magazine in 2007, and officially rated ‘Epic’ by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), over the years, this 35km point to point traverse of the Rossland Range has earned a deserved reputation for pummelling bodies, popping tires and pricking egos.

But with solid fitness, a capable all-mountain bike and the patience of St Puncture, those that ignore the warnings are rewarded with primo singletrack, burning ascents, heart-jolting views and all-hands-on-deck descents. Experienced XC riders can knock it off in three hours. For everyone else, it’s a crazy eight.

Exactly why the Summits is so hard is difficult to pin down. A quick search online turns up well-intentioned ride reports that soon wither and skip to hurried conclusions, a phenomenon at least partially explained by the two-hour climb to the summit of Mt Elgood that kicks off any attempt on the trail, where the reality of trying to document such a difficult day in the saddle seems to gets the better of all but the hardiest of riders.

For a photoshoot though, where views and variation in terrain rank as highly as aprés-ride refreshments, there are few places more rewarding than Seven Summits.

Back in 2018, with our thoughts fixed on Spring/Summer ’19, we found ourselves turning wheels towards Rossland as we sought to capture new colours of our award-winning Glidepath Shorts, Eldorado Tech Tee, and Henley Merino Shirts. Amidst a heinous run of punctures, we found out why the trail is loved and loathed in equal measure. Here’s the lookbook.