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Morgan Taylor is Not a Jerk. Words by Mike Berard

“I reserve the right to be opinionated… and I reserve the right to change my opinion.” answers rider, writer and funny guy contributor at, Morgan Taylor. He’s referring to my question “Are you a fat bike-only guy now?” His answer, while evasive, is fitting for Taylor.

The North Vancouver-born, New Denver, B.C.-based humourist has ridden every kind of bike there is—from BMX to cyclocross—but for the past six months he’s been piloting a Surly Ice Cream Truck fat bike.

For those who are familiar with Taylor’s work, it’s a hilarious turn for the writer. Rewind to 2013, when Taylor was caught on camera for, tearing down believers in big rubber. “Welcome to Outdoor Demo at Interbike…” says Taylor, in the short, maybe-tongue-in-cheek video. “…where it’s super windy and every second asshole’s riding a fat bike.”

At the time, Taylor was reporting on new trends and left no mystery to his stance on fat bikes. “We’re looking forward to next year when they bring out a sail for fat bikes” he added sarcastically. “That way you don’t even have to pedal them anymore.”         

Naturally, Taylor took heat for the hate, but not nearly as hard as when he himself recently switched to the fat bike exclusively. In his review, he admits being “in awe of how unpretentious and playful it felt,” proving the power of two wheels can overcome anyone. Even jerks.

Morgan Taylor - Beardless & Fearless - from on Vimeo.


In all seriousness though, Taylor is as nice as they come. His recent move to a tiny cabin in the Kootenays comes with a back-to-the-roots lifestyle and a teaching practicum he loves for the rewarding relationships he builds with his students. After chatting with Taylor you realize he’s nothing but nice. After all, you can’t be a jerk when you drive an Ice Cream Truck all winter long.              

“Calling people jerks was part of an act.” He says, with a laugh. “But I really just like seeing people ride bikes and having fun.”

Now there’s an opinion we can all get on board with.

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