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Life After Three


Tri-athlete Peter Reid has spent much of his life on top. As the winner of 10 Ironman events including three trips to the pinnacle of the podium at Kona’s Ironman World Championships, Reid knows what it means to work hard for a goal and watch it actually turn into gold. So what’s does a 46-year-old former champion like Reid do when he finally hangs up the road bike and running shoes? He picks up a mountain bike and starts flying…literally. 

The longtime Victoria B.C. resident retired in 2006, got his commercial pilot license, and moved to Squamish B.C., where fat tires took precedence. “Squamish ruined me.” he says. “I fell in love with mountain biking.”

After a stint of appearances at the Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame [2010], Canada Sports Hall of Fame [2011], and the BC Sports Hall of Fame [2013], and a short period in Vancouver’s trendy Yaletown, he made a move to Cumberland B.C. the fast rising star of British Columbia’s mountain bike scene. The lure of singletrack and a job flying float planes on B.C.’s amazing West Coast were too strong. 

“I got my start flying for Nootka Air in Gold River.” He says “It worked out well because I would commute in my own plane from Squamish…you could fit three bikes in the plane so I’d end up taking side trips to the Chilcotins.”

When lifelong sponsor Specialized Bikes offered him a fulltime ambassador position “much like Ned Overend,” Reid decided not to take advantage of it. “I’m pretty much a one track guy.” He says. “Like ‘this is what I am going for. This is what I am going to do.”   

Peter_Reid_OKPhoto by Matthew Clark/

While in Squamish, Reid met the team behind 7mesh and was intrigued by the rumours he heard about their gear.

“It was all very quiet at first…no one knew what they were up to but it was exciting. I met them at end of the BC Bike Race. I asked to be involved.”

Reid works with 7mesh as an ambassador, testing product during his marathon mountain bike forays into Cumberland’s dark, emerald forests. As for racing, he simply can’t let it go entirely.

“I have no obligations to anyone,” he states. “I just want to be a part of what they do. I really got into cyclocross last year…and I’m actually now the B.C. Masters cyclocross Champion. When asked how an Ironman legend was greeted standing on on the notoriously grassroots cyclocross podium, he has to laugh.

“I got heckled a few times…next year I’m racing elite.”

Peter_Reid xc 2 Photo by Chris Webster/Braison Images
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