Brian Goldstone

The Corsa Softshell Jersey

The Corsa jersey is a windproof, water resistant cycling jersey, and just the thing for when it’s cold and windy and you’re tempted to stay inside and eat cookies. Conceived and designed in the windswept place known as Squamish / Skwxwu7mesh (“Mother of the Wind”), the Corsa jersey is made out of WINDSTOPPER® fabric, making it warm, light, and breathable.

Extend your riding season

The Corsa is unique for how it so cleverly combines some of the best protective features of a jacket with the comfort and softness of a jersey. WINDSTOPPER® breathes, allowing moisture and sweat to escape (keeping you dry), while also being highly water resistant and totally windproof. Its knit backing is soft and supple against your skin.

The Corsa is ideal as an outerlayer when you’re working hard in cool or cold conditions, wet or dry. We think you will find it makes riding through the chilly months much more comfortable and enjoyable.


Key Features

As always, 7Mesh has designed everything from scratch, obsessing over every single stitch, gram, and seam. The result is a complete revamp of the classic road cycling “rain jersey” that is notably lighter and more waterproof.



  • Made from WINDSTOPPER® Softshell – lightly insulated, highly water resistant, breathable, and windproof – making it super versatile for a wide range of conditions.
  • Fully sealed seams for reduced bulk and increased water resistance.
  • Especially configured, like all 7 Mesh garments, for your on-the-bike position.
  • Two large pockets on the back that are accessible even with your winter gloves on.
  • Extended tail with reflective detailing to help keep your behind warm and visible in the gloom.
  • Brushed collar and chin guard for a smooth touch.

The Tech Stuff

The Corsa is made out of Windstopper Softshell 174p fabric. WINDSTOPPER® is a laminate, which means it is layered together with other textiles to create a single fabric. The key layer is the WINDSTOPPER® membrane (tech name “expanded polytetrafluorethylene” or ePTFE for short). It has 1.4 billion micropores in a single square inch of membrane. These micropores are 900 times larger than water vapour molecules, which enables water vapors (like your sweat) to escape without issue.

For the Corsa jersey, the ePTFE membrane is sandwiched with a smooth knit face fabric (designed to keep moisture and dirt out) and a textured knit backer which makes the fabric feel soft and supple and gives it 4-way stretch. It is very light and works best when it is close to your body, as it pulls moisture away from the skin and transports it through the membrane to the outside.


Colours and Sizes

The Corsa comes in three colours: Black, Blue Ox, and Highlight Yellow. The sizes are Men’s XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.


Where you can Purchase

You can purchase the Corsa Softshell Jersey at on our online store. Or, check out our retail stockists located all around the world.