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S16_7mesh_Glidepath-wms27mesh products always seek to provide the maximum benefits for minimum means; fabrics that are lightweight but surprisingly robust, features that don’t interfere when not needed, garment construction that removes all the surplus material and only leave what’s needed. Our Glidepath short also follows this strategy, providing high levels of protection from the elements for its seemingly simple appearance.



The fit of the short has been built around a bike. While most shorts are adapted from an existing style and modified to work a bit better for riding, the Glidepath fit block is created from scratch to be at home in the saddle. Patterning techniques move the material from the inner leg and a gusset panel articulates through the groin. Articulation through the hips allows the knees to move up during the pedal stroke, without pulling on the rest of the short, giving you a greater range of motion than a short that is patterned in the upright standing position.  With this innovative pattern work an extreme sparseness of seams is maintained, so an uncomplicated structure can keep the short in a ready stance, regardless of rider position. A bit of stretch in the fabric aids in even greater agility.


For a fabric that feels so slight, the Soma 2-Way Stretch Woven fabric offers remarkable durability while the DWR treatment not only sheds moisture and dirt easily, but also absorbs very little water. This means that even if they do get wet, they dry super quickly.   


A silhouette that gives a nod to the casual is paired with jeans influenced hand pockets, making them easy to wear off the bike or for hanging about on the trail or at the ride’s end. Carefully considered zippered carry pockets are positioned just back of the hips. The internal phone holder can do double duty securely holding a phone or other key tools and gear while not interfering with a saddle. Constructed high in the short, they keep weighted items from creating the pendulum effect that leg cargo pockets usually generate. To fine tune the fit, a low profile built in waist adjustment, or belt loops give you adjustment options. 



The Glidepath. simple, functional, lightweight, durable, avant.


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