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Imagine a morning ride in early Spring that starts in the bitter cold but ends during mid-day warmth. Or a multi-day mountain ride that alternates between epic climbs to the passes and thrilling descents to the valley floors below.  The weather and temperatures you experience on these rides will vary tremendously, and you will surely add or remove outer layers as conditions change. However what should not change, and must absolutely deliver steadfast, high-level performance are your next to skin pieces.


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7mesh Jerseys and Shirts reflect a forward approach to fabric selection and construction detail. Conventional jerseys use knit polyesters with high elastane content to provide high stretch and a forgiving fit, with less required patterning effort. Unfortunately elastane is very hydrophilic, meaning it absorbs and holds a large amount of water. These jerseys become heavier, breathe poorly, and dry slowly, resulting in significant added weight and rider discomfort.

Our S2S Jersey & Shirt combine two distinct textiles with aggressive patterning to overcome these problems. We use a 100% polyester knit on the back, with no elastane, and with a textured inner that mechanically wicks moisture away from your skin. We pair this with a nylon woven front with only a small amount of elastane and with built-in mechanical stretch. This material provides greater abrasion resistance and some added wind protection despite its light weight. Carefully crafted patterns and darts shape the garments to fit perfectly in the riding position without reliance on elastane - so you’ll stay dry and comfortable throughout your ride.

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The S2S Jersey has five rear pockets, two of them zipped, while the S2S Shirt features two front-side zipped pockets for essentials, leaving the back free for a pack or hydration system.

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Designed for all-day riding, the S2S will take you from Sea-to-Sky, and back again.