Brian Goldstone

Forecast: Cool. Or cool, but warming. Or warm, with a chance of showers. Or variable, depending on sun exposure and altitude.

Ride Plan: Start early, ride as the sun climbs. Or fast and steady in brisk temps. Or warming climbs, alternating with chilly descents.

Jersey, check. But anything else? Vest? Jacket? Warmers?




Variable conditions can make choosing the right combination difficult. Often this results in riding discomfort, or overpacking, or not having the one thing with you that you really need. We designed the Synergy jerseys to be all-in-one solutions, providing versatility in a wide range of riding conditions.
The Synergys combine textiles to provide the right performance where you need it: windproof and water resistant on the front of your body, wicking and super air-permeable on the back, and very breathable throughout. The form-fitting shapes maximize moisture transfer driven by body heat, meaning you’re protected from the elements while working hard and staying dry.



The protective softshell front is WINDSTOPPER®, an ultra thin protective membrane laminated between two textiles.The membrane is made of the versatile polymer PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) which is expanded to create a micro porous structure. Though windproof and highly water resistant as a whole, the individual pores are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, allowing perspiration to pass through unhindered. Covering the high performance membrane is an inner soft textured knit for comfort, and a knit polyester outer for durability and added weather protection.

In addition to the WINDSTOPPER® abdomen, chest, and shoulder coverage provided by the Synergy Short Sleeve, the Long Sleeve also provides WINDSTOPPER® along the top/front of the arms.




The garment features are also designed for versatility, with our 5-pocket jersey configuration (3 top loaders and 2 zipped side access security pockets), cable routing holes and collar loops, a slightly higher collar for weather protection, and an AquaGuard Vislon front zip for weather protection and easy venting.




The Synergy has become an instant staple in our wardrobes – for mountain, road, and cross. Choose it for the specific conditions you like, or throw it on any time you’re not sure what the ride has in store.