Brian Goldstone


Warming up on the first part of a ride. Extra protection from light rain on a climb. Retaining core heat on a long descent to the valley floor. Feeling secure with a little extra safety in your back pocket. These are all situations where windshells and vests come in handy. We’ve tried many over the years but had yet to find the ideal solutions. Most barely delivered the promised weight savings, never mind offering anything but a modicum of protection. We’ve always wanted and expected better.

Enter the Resistance Jacket and Vest.



The WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell fabric consists of an ultralight nylon textile, a thin protective membrane, and a urethane coating. The urethane functions to deliver perspiration to the microporous PTFE membrane, leaving your skin dry and comfortable. Each micropore in the PTFE is 900 times larger than an individual water vapour molecule, allowing perspiration to pass through unhindered. The Resistance Jacket is windproof with strong water resistance and excellent breathability. An even more packable option, the Resistance Vest further reduces weight and increases breathability with incorporated knit side panels.


While the WINDSTOPPER® membrane is the workhorse behind the scenes, what’s most noticeable when first picking up the Resistances is the minimal weight. At a scant 115 grams (4.1 oz) for the Jacket and 88 grams (3.1 oz) for the Vest, they offer unparalleled lightweight weather protection and breathability. It’s all day weather protection in packages that compress smaller than  your fist, easily fitting in a jersey pocket. Both pieces have a zipped security pocket that doubles as a stuff sack.



Internally, the Resistance Jacket and Vest use trimmed seams reinforced with seam tape for the entire garment, further improving weather protection while optimizing suppleness and drape. Like all our shells, the Jacket is shaped using Helix patterning which enables the fabric to conform perfectly to your riding position. The unique shaping also reduces fabric in the shoulders and prevents it from riding up while on the bike. For added airflow, the Jacket employs a vent system with strategically placed cuff intakes and scapula outlets, while the Vest vents easily through the knit side panels. Gripper elastic is used on wrists and waists.



Overall, we feel we’ve delivered products that finally surpass our expectations – true next generation windshells. Ultralight and comfortable with extended weather protection, the Resistances do their jobs and let the rider, ride.