Brian Goldstone

Light, durable, versatile. We designed one jacket to work incredibly well in even the toughest conditions, on any type of bike, for as many days as you can ride.

This is the Revelation.


We started by selecting a very durable yet lightweight fabric from the GORE-TEX® Pro collection. New to the cycling world, GORE-TEX® Pro represents the pinnacle of weather protection. The unique membrane technology allows the widest functioning range of any Gore-Tex material, providing durable waterproof function in a highly breathable package. The membrane itself has over 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square cm, with each pore 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule. Because water from the outside will never penetrate, while sweat can easily escape, you stay warmer when it’s cold, and drier when you sweat. The Revelation is engineered to pass the Gore-Tex “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” promise.


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To achieve such a high level of protection, the surface fabric selected had to be tightly woven and very stable, providing limited stretch. This meant to complement the textile we had to commit to developing an entirely new concept of cycling articulation and fit.

Introducing Helix patterning

We strive to create the most anatomically correct patterns while using as few seams as possible. Less seams means less bulk, less weight, and more breathability. Helix patterning reduces excess volume where you don’t need it and providing just enough fabric ‘give’ to fit you ideally in the riding position. This means tops fit snugly across the chest when standing, with a little extra volume behind the shoulders, so in the riding position the jacket fits smoothly across the back without ‘bagging out’ in the chest or abdomen.

The challenge with the Revelation in particular was to provide the ultimate fit from a static textile. Two particular actions provided incredible benefit. Strategic pattern pieces are cut on the bias (meaning at a 45 degree angle to the grain of the weave) to provide approximately 5% stretch; while eliminating seams to maximize panel length increases the distance over which this stretch can be applied. Specifically, the main back panel of the Revelation corkscrews under the arm and onto the front of the jacket, ensuring mechanical stretch adds significant length as you assume the riding position: Precision stretch, oriented exactly where you need it.

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The Revelation is feature rich, giving it a great range of utility. Our 7 Day fit is patterned for riding, but is eased enough to allow layering and off-the-bike comfort. Forearm and side vents extend comfort range, and the side vents double as passthroughs for access to jersey pockets. A removable low profile under-helmet hood provides excellent protection without compromising vision, and allows for easy storage with no bulk. Slim hand pockets hold essentials, while the adjustable hem, cuffs, and hood provide customized fit.

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All 7mesh products are designed to be light, durable, functional, and beautiful. The Revelation is engineered to minimize material usage and uses trimmed seam allowances and 8mm micro tape to optimize weight, drape, and comfort. All-in, the Revelation jacket weighs only 270 grams (9.5 oz) for the Men’s version.

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